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How Does Laser Technology for Weight Loss Work?


According to the Journal for Laser surgery by PubMed, High level laser treatment also known as (HLLT) means that high levels of incident laser power are used to deliberately destroy a specific target through a light-heat transduction process to induce photothermal damage of varying degrees. HLLT is used in many surgical fields, but probably most commonly in dermatologic, aesthetic or plastic surgery. On the other hand, when a laser or other appropriate light source is used on tissue at low incident levels of photon energy, none of that energy is lost as heat but instead the energy from the absorbed photons is transferred directly to the absorbing cell or chromophore, causing photoactivation of the target cells and some kind of change in their associated cell format. In clinical applications, this was termed ‘low level laser therapy’ (LLLT) with ‘photobiomodulation’ or ‘photoactivation’ referring to the activity at a cellular and molecular level. This inherent ability to change the molecular structure of the cell through photoactivation is the clinical basis for applying this technology in the weight loss arena. (Laser Therapy vol 20(3) 2011 PMC)


Near Laser Assisted Lypolosis – NLAL System

There are many laser based weight loss systems available on the market but it is not surprising that many of them carry no double blind clinical trials to substantiate their claims and many of them are actually classified as a class 1 medical device by the FDA. Class 1 medical devices do not require and clinical testing nor proof of results. Class 2 and 3 require much more rigorous testing to verify their approval process with the FDA, this is always something to be mindful of when selecting the correct device for your practice. One system that separated itself from the pack that we reviewed was the NLAL system, this portable Class 2 medical device uses a belt system paddle that has up to 12 connective leads and Velcro attachments that patients can easily secure around the waist line, each paddle contains a multi diode device containing 30 cold red lasers at 635nm spectrum, and each system can handle up to two patients at a time per 30 min treatment. The NLAL has several clinical studies to substantiate its claims.

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