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Tesla Max


Uses Diagnose idiopathic neuropathy typography and early heart disease by complete cardiovascular testing Treatment and Therapy for peripheral neuropathy, ED, urinary incontinence, fibromyalgia & lyme diseases, & multiple sclerosis Diagnose test for small fiber neuropathy, disturbance of ANS and complex pain disorders.
Testing Information 5-10 minutes performed by anyone certified 15-30 minutes 3-5 sessions per week, performed by anyone certified 15-20 minutes performed by anyone certified..
Suggested Billing Codes 95921 (SNS), 95922(PNS) Cash 95922(ANS),95921(PNS),95923(QS)
Approximate Reimbursement*
*varies by state
$175-$375 $80-$120 per visit $3,000-$6,000 per take home program $150-$300
Cost New $34,000-$36,000 $75,00-$9500 $34,000-$36,000
Cost Used/Refurbished $29,000-$32,000 N/A-Take Home Program $29,000-$32,000
Financing Options Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Demo, Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program Trial, Rent, Lease, Own,Mobile Program
Trial Customized to client $2,000 towards final purchase for a 60 days trial of the machine Customized to client

Quick Financial Analysis

 VNG Performa
ANS Performa
Tesla Max Performa
QSART Performa
VNG WITH BALANCE PLATE $215 +$118 (with balance plate)-$40 reads+$120 0ffice visit=$413 per patient 5 years note with the balance plate is=approx.$1,000 per month 1 Patient = $413 5 Patient = $2,065 10 Patient = $4,130 12 Patient = $49,560 VNG WITHOUT BALANCE PLATE 5 years note without the balance plate is=approx.$800 per month $215 -$40 reads +120 office visit= $295 per patient 1 Patient=$295 5 Patient=$1,475 10 Patient=$2,950 12 month=$35,400 This analysis shows that there is almost a $15,000 increase per year if the VNG is acquired with the balance plate than without one, So if you were to acquired a balance plate to administer the treatment portion of the protocol, that would be a $7,000 onetime investment to yield you a continual and additional $15,000 worth of revenue every year for the life of the machine. PNS+OFFICE TESTS+OFFICE VISIT Average Reimbursement per Patient:$325 1 pt per day/week:$1,625 1 pt per day/week:$165,00 1 pt per day/week:$78,000 SNS+OFFICE TESTS+OFFICE VISIT Average Reimbursement per Patient:$368 1 pt per day/week:$1,840 1 pt per day/week:$7,360 1 pt per day/week:$88,320 COMBINED+OFFICE TESTS Average Reimbursement per Patient:$425 1 pt per day/week:$2,125 1 pt per day/week:$8,500 1 pt per day/week:$102,000 CPT Code Description Charge Units Reimbursement 95921 PNS $100 95922 SNS $115 95924 Combined w/Tilt Tabs $156 93040 ECG $16 94761 Pluse Ox $6 93922 Arterial Vascular Assesment $110 93923 Arterial Assessment Module $169 99214 Office Visit 3O MIN $112 On average Physicians that incorporate the tesla max in their particle will begin seeing an additional $20,000-$30,000 per month in revenues. If you have a patient population that suffer from any variant of chornic pain or neuropathy , this unit is a must have . Prevent to possess better outcomes and better results than any other stim unit on the market to data. SEEDING JUST 5 PATIENTS PER MONTH YIELDS: 5 patients on the 3m program=$22,500 per month –Yearly increase if kept constant of $270,000 per year (Please note that with the joint marketing program established, physicians typically see between 5-10 new patients every month, therefore the 5 patients listed in the above references is a conservative model.) Diagnose test for small fiber Typical Specialties Family, internal Geriatric, Pain Management, Neurology Cost of Equipment:$35,000 Average Lease Payment:$730 Avg Medicare allow: $200 Avg Tests P/Day:4 Time spent by staff 5 minutes each patient Consumable Cost:$20 Break even cost :3.5 Tests per month Avg gross month income: $18,644 Avg Net month income:$16,104 Avg year net income:$193,248 Avg 5 year net:$966,240, Annual RO: 552% Months to full payback :0.18 (About 2 month to full recover investment).

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