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TeslaMax - Physicians Options - Physician Medical Equipment
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Physicians Options

Maximize Contractions & Minimize Discomfort Via:

Programmable High-Voltage, Low-Amperage AC Output.

Selectable “Sweep Tsunami” Pulse Train Operation.

TIER4™ Product Features

• Simple to operate, portable device for pain management and much more

• Reduces inflammation and edema via increased circulation from muscle contractions

• Great for muscle re-education to correct muscle strength imbalances

• Increases local blood circulation and relaxes muscle spasms

• Intensity level is controlled by the press of a button (Punch for single step or Hold for rapid)

• Four Stimulation Programs: TENS, IF, EMS, and RUSSIAN (With Tesla Based Technology™)

• Five modes for TENS therapy: Burst, Normal (N), Modulation, Strength-Duration 1 and 2

• Three modes for IF therapy: Normal, Modulation and Modulation 1

• Three modes for EMS therapy: Constant, Synchronous, and Alternate

• Three modes for RUSSIAN therapy with  Tesla Based Technology™: Normal, Modulation, and Modulation 1

• Comes complete with carrying case, four sets of lead wires, four AA batteries, AC adaptor, manual and two packs of four self-adhesive reusable electrodes

• Power Source: Four AA batteries or AC adaptor for deepest contractions

• One year warranty

TeslaMax™ is therapeutic electrical stimulation devices that utilize Tesla Based Technology™ (TBT) output circuitry to achieve the deepest muscle contractions possible at the greatest possible comfort and tolerance for patients.

TeslaMax™ TIER4™ is our portable, programmable four-channel electrotherapy unit. The name, TIER4, describes the unit’s multiple capabilities; T stands for TENS, I for Interferential, E for EMS (Electro Muscular Stim), and R stands for Russian. Each mode has multiple presets featuring widely divergent treatment parameters in an intuitive interface.

The Russian modes optimize the TBT output for maximum voltage at the lowest possible Maximum Average Amplitude to help patients get “Better Outcomes Faster”.

Each of the TIER4’s four independent channels has its own intensity control with fully adjustable parameters allowing clinicians and patients to easily customize their treatments to best meet their needs.

The unit also features adjustable ramp time, a large LCD display screen, two treatment timers, and a handy patient compliance meter to store operation records.

FDA Registered 510k Uses:

1. Symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long term) intractable pain

2. Adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic pain problems 3. Increase local circulation

4. Muscle re-education

5. Relaxation of muscle spasms

6. Maintaining or increasing range of motion

7. Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy

8. Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis.

TIER4™ Product Specifications

Channel Four isolated channels
Output Type True electrode to electrode no baseline AC
Intensity Range (Adaptor) A) 0-400Vpp (Open Circuit) B) 0-40Vpp (at 500 ohm load)
Russian* Pulse
Output Current
Range: 1.6mA r.m.s. to 6.4mA r.m.s. averages 4mA r.m.s. over any
5 second time period.**
Waveform Bi-Phasic Square Wave Pulse
Pulse Rate Range TENS/EMS: 2Hz~150Hz
IF: 4000Hz~4150Hz
Russian: Fixed rate 2500Hz: Burst rate 20Hz~80Hz
Pulse Width Range 50µs~300µs
Pulse Train On Time Adjustable from 2~90 seconds in 1 second per step increments
Pulse Train Off Time Adjustable from 0~90 seconds in 1 second per step increments
Power Source AC adapter output: DC 9V, 800mA or 4 standard AA batteries
Unit Size 5.4” x 3.1” x 1.1”
Unit Weight 1 lb. with batteries
Ramp Time Adjustable, 1~8 seconds 1 sec/step depending on Pulse Train On setting
Treatment Time Two adjustable timers from 1 to 60 minutes or continuous. Adjustable in 1 minute increments from 1 to 15 minutes and 5 minute increments from 15 to 60 minutes. Treatment time counts down automatically
Patient Compliance Meter Stores 60 sets of Operation Records up to 999 hours recorded time

*   Tesla Based Technology™ 2,500Hz carrier frequency in Burst Packets adjustable from 20Hz to 80Hz

**  4mA r.m.s. (root mean square) over any 5s time period is less than half of the IEC and US standard of 10mA r.m.s. Equipment that exceeds 10 mA r.m.s. output value over any 5 second time period must carry a warning symbol. Equates to highest possible unit voltage output at lowest possible Maximum Amperage Per Second (MAPS).

TeslaMax™ is the the world’s only “Tesla Based Technology™” High Voltage Low Amperage AC Output Neuromuscular Electric Stimulator. The TeslaMax’s massive voltage output is delivered in an extremely low amperage manner that allows much more powerful muscle contractions to be tolerated by patients for longer treatment times resulting in significantly greater muscle involvement and improved outcomes. The TeslaMax TM-4™ and the copyrighted proprietary Treatment Protocols have many applications listed below. Others are not listed here.

Specific Protocols for many maladies including, post SCI, Diabetic Foot, Incontinence, Carpal Tunnel and more, as well as studies and testimonials are available upon request. Telephone or e-mail support available for individualized pad placement.

Indications and Uses for this type of equipment, once cleared by the FDA

Muscle Re-education

• Incontinence or overactive bladder (OAB)

• Stroke recovery for ambulation

• Physical therapy facilitation

• Decreased athletic rehabilitation time

• Frozen shoulder syndrome

• Off-site physical therapy

• Rehabilitation for knee and hip replacement

• Pre and post surgery applications

• Post operative muscle rehabilitation

• Sub-clinical diagnosis of neuro-muscular syndromes

• Detection of non-participating muscle groups

• 100% muscle recruitment over treatment period

• Increase in tone and strength of difficult muscle

• Muscle group training (i.e. abdominal, triceps, etc.)

• Better patient compliance to physical therapy

• Correcting strength Imbalances leading to back pain

Relaxation of Muscle Spasms

• Industrial sprain/strain complications

• Repetitive or overuse injuries

• Facilitation to physical therapy

• Decrease or elimination of industrial “time loss”

• Carpal tunnel complications

• Heel spur/plantar fascitis

• Whiplash recovery time decreased

• Accelerated athletic re-participation

• Tension headache relief

• TMJ syndrome relief

• Multiple sclerosis: relief from symptoms

• Spinal cord injury complications

• Stabilization to manual manipulation

• Postural imbalances resulting in spasms

• Spasticity from: cerebral palsy, paraplegia, and quadriplegia

• Identifying and relaxing spasms

• Correcting poor ergonomics leading to spasm

Continued: Indications and Uses for this type of equipment, once cleared by the FDA

Maintaining or Increasing Range of Motion

• Frozen Shoulder syndrome

• Post-surgical rehabilitation

• Improved and peak athletic performance

• Decreased risk of muscle strain

• Athletic injury prevention

• Detection/correction of muscle imbalance

• Increased patient compliance to exercise

• Accelerated recovery from athletic injuries

• Removal of fluid buildup around arthritic joints

• Reduced recovery time from stroke

• Prevention of fibrosis from trauma complications

• Automated protocols allow for better use of staff time

• Increased ambulation, comfort, and balance to auto accident patients

• Removing edema and inflammation

• Geriatric patients experience improved quality of life

Prevention or Retardation of Disuse Atrophy

• Carpal/tarsal tunnel syndrome injuries

• Decreased recovery time for auto accident patients

• Diabetic neuropathy

• Increase in athletic performance

• Maintenance of muscle tone, post-casting

• Maintenance of muscle bulk and tone

• Quadriplegics/paraplegics

• Post stroke rehabilitation

• Neurological injury preventing muscle control

• In-house usage for elder care or home health

• Diagnosis of sub-clinical problem areas

• Increased muscle girth for pressure ulcer

Increased Local Circulation

• Improves wound and injury healing

• Healing of diabetic decubitus ulcers

• Diabetic neuropathy

• More effective delivery of pharmaceutical agents

• Edema/swelling reduction and elimination (i.e. antibiotics to treat: osteomyelitis, gangrene, etc.)

• Prevention of blood clot formation

• Transverse myelitis

• Decreased healing and rehabilitation time

• Tendonitis

• Restless leg syndrome or PAD

• Prevention of DVT post-surgery

Typical FDA 510k claims for this type of equipment, once cleared by the FDA:

• Symptomatic relief and management of chronic (long term) intractable pain

• Adjunctive treatment in the management of

• post surgical and post traumatic pain problems

• Increase local circulation

• Muscle re-education

• Relaxation of muscle spasms

• Maintaining or increasing range of motion

• Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy

• Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis.


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