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Revolutionizing weight loss never looked this good.

Below outlines the program that we use in practices and clinics that want to start or improve their aesthetics program. We all know patients want services to trim their waste line and sculpt a body they can be proud of and there’s nothing stopping your clinic from being an effective provider of these services to your new and existing patients.


Weight Loss – NLAL

The near laser assisted lipolysis or N L A L uses the latest in high frequency laser emitting diode technology to not only emulsify and shrink fat cells but actually tighten the skin in the same breath of treatment. Such claims are impressive but unfortunately not uncommon from many weight loss systems in the market. Fortunately the NLAL system has a double blind clinical study to not only substantiate the actual claims, but furthermore verifies the time in which these claims come to fruition by the patient. Patients can expect to see up to a whopping 3 INCHES off their waist line in less than 4 thirty minute treatment sessions. If you hold up your index finger and count the notches between the lines of your finger you can see how much 3 inches might look like, now think off that off your waist and you can start to have an idea of how impressive this system really is and what it can do for people’s lives. The double blind clinical study can be found here NLAL Clinical Study. 

At the core of every aesthetics program should be a solid and effective weight loss program, and the NLAL certainly fills that role with confidence. Combine this with options that allow the patient to take one of these home via purchase through your office, it packs not only a clinical punch but a significant financial incentive for the practice as well.


TeslaMax – Body Sculpting

To strengthen an aesthetics program a provider needs to diversify the types of options offered in their practice to help the patient be healthy, feel good and of course in this case look even better. The TeslaMax system is at the forefront and cutting edge of electrical stim technology. Like the name implies the TeslaMax utilizes alternating current originally patented by Nicolai Tesla, from which the name derives. The proprietary alternating current delivery system of the TeslaMax allows for the most comfortable muscle contractions allowable for patients, and as a result patients can sustain deeper muscle contractions without pain and as a corollary see increased perfusion, oxygenation, circulation and blood flow to the extremities. As a byproduct of this, deep muscle contractions also has an added effect for sculpting areas of the body.

Renowned body builder Nick Delgado uses and swears by the TeslaMax for his training routine, tightening, his biceps, quads, pectorals, legs and other areas of the body for an unparalleled toning and boost in strength and endurance for more reps sustained in competition.


TeslaMax Raising the Breasts & Buttocks

Ok so you might be saying well that’s all very nice, but not everyone is aiming to be a world body builder. That is a very true statement, and that is why the Tesla can be applied for any person depending on what they would like to achieve, from modest muscle toning to extreme sculpting. For most women however, the objective interests with the Tesla might be slightly different. For instance many women might be interested to learn that the Tesla has various protocols to raise and tighten the breasts 1-2 inches and also lift and tighten the glutes substantially over several treatments.

To really understand the value of what is being said, we have to juxtapose this revelation with the current methodologies available to do the same thing. Through various plastic surgery and other operations which can costs thousands and require the patient to go under, the Tesla is a noninvasive 45 min non-surgical solution at a fraction of the cost to provide very similar results.

These TeslaMax protocols can be combined with the NLAL system to treat patients simultaneously.


Vampire Facelift – PRP therapies

Ever wondered why it’s called the Vampire Facelift, here is a hint, vampires don’t age!  Ok to be honest that might have just been the answer, but you get the idea. There are many different procedures out there that attempt to roll back the years, various skin creams, surgical options and even botulinum toxin better known as botox are all attempts by dermatological offices, day spas and other aesthetic practices to try and offer an impressive solution to a problem we all have; aging. But the drawbacks of Botox are also becoming better known, those being that the results are completely dose dependent, temporary muscle weakness and atrophy of facial muscles, while adverse effects are rare they can at times include flu like symptoms, transient fatigue, nausea, falls and pain to the injected area.

The Vampire Facial which uses Platelet Rich Plasma, utilizes the body’s own natural blood and platelets is a more natural way to achieve the same ends with what many might say are longer lasting results , years in many cases, without the potential for any of the above listed side effects. Regenerative medicine continues to be at the cutting edge of science, and using the body’s own platelets that are separated from the patient’s own bloods to summon growth factors to a specific area, calling on the body’s own pure regenerative and healing process to regrow new tissue to the area, in this case revitalizing and rejuvenating the skin on the face of the patient.

Marketing & Patient Financing

It’s not enough to simply have the most cutting-edge technology and best protocols and practices for your patients if not many people will know about it. Having the right marketing and exposure to set your practice apart from the rest is not only necessary, but vital for the success of these programs. Especially when dealing with a specific type of patient demographic as these are cash programs. Being able to get the word out to those who not only could benefit from these procedures but who might be willing to spend on these procedures is just as important a concept as having them in the first place. With a comprehensive spread of digital marketing, social media marketing, direct mail, TV and even radio campaigns, having the right type of patients come in for these treatments have never been easier.

With that said, because these are cash programs, a solid patient financing platform will allow patients to afford these services at an affordable rate, we have a patient financing suite that combines multiple financing options into a single platform for the practice, so no matter what patient and what circumstance walks through the door we have them covered so they can receive the best possible care.



Whether you look at these as individually great components to an aesthetic program or a combination of synergies that complement one another you simply can’t go wrong. The NLAL system brings revolutionary weight loss capabilities to patients in record time, and the TeslaMax system uses proprietary alternating current algorithm to provide the impressive body sculpting and muscle toning results for any age range and desire. These systems are able to treat multiple patients at once and can actually be used simultaneously with each other to maximize time and results for each patient. This combined with various regenerative therapies like the Vampire Facelift and a good marketing and patient financing program to maximize exposure and affordability makes this turnkey aesthetics program tough to beat and easy to implement in a practice.

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