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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Devices

Clinical Summary:

The TeslaMax is one of the most innovative and unique neuromuscular electric stimulators on the market to date. It utilizes AC current versus standard DC current in most other stim units, which allows for higher voltages at much lower amperages, this results in deeper, more powerful muscle contractions to be tolerated by the patient which also leads to increased perfusion, oxygenation and circulation to treatment areas which have shown vastly improved patient outcomes. Pictured to the right is the TeslaMax take home unit patients can be sold through their medical provider.

Treatment Protocols towards:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lyme disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Atrophy
  • Muscle re-education
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion
  • Increase in local circulation

Built in Marketing (JMP):

The JMP or Joint marketing program, is where part of the financing program goes towards a comprehensive internet marketing program that targets patients with the appropriate symptomatology and who are seeking treatment in your area. The marketing program is very efficient at generating new patients by taking into account their distance from your office, income, age, search history and interests. This is a proven program that doctors throughout the country are using to get new patients.


The TeslaMax creates income by two main avenues, one is the cash reimbursement by the patient when they come to your practice for treatment, suggested ($150.00 for 45mins unattended). The second avenue, is with respect to the manufacturer’s take home program.  The take home unit is a mini TeslaMax to be leased by the patient through you.  There is a 3 month and 6 month lease. The 3 month program costs $3000.00 to the patient and the 6 month program costs $6000.00 where they are able to continue their treatments daily and several times per day if they wish at home, without continuously visiting your clinic for repeat treatment visits. This second revenue stream is split 1/3 & 2/3 between you and the marketing company, so that it can then be reinvested into the JMP for your benefit, thus continually increasing your patient volume and ultimately the cash flow to the practice.

Patient Financing:

The TeslaMax comes with a dedicated patient financing program. This provides your patients with flexible and meaningful patient payment solutions over 12-18 month span, so they can afford your clinical services now. Finance programs where everyone qualifies with no credit checks are offered as well. The patient payment estimator calculates insurance eligibility instantly and accurately for your patients out of pocket expense at the point of care. Collect payment in full or set up a payment plan, and as the physicians you get paid 100% upfront by the financing company. This option provides the stability and flexibility needed for any cash program and works exceptionally well with the in-office treatment charges of the TeslaMax and the larger financing options of the take home program explained above.

Return on Investment:

On average physicians that incorporate the TeslaMax in their practice will begin seeing an additional 20-30k per month in revenues. If you have a patient population that suffers from any variant of chronic pain or neuropathy, this unit is a must have. Proven to possess better outcomes and better results than any other stim unit on the market to date.

Seeding just 5 patients per month yields:

5 patients on the 3m program = $22,500 per month – Yearly increase if kept constant of $270,000 per year

5 patients on the 6m program = $30,000 per month – Yearly increase if kept constant of $360,000 per year

(Please note that with the Joint Marketing Program established, physicians typically see between 5-10 new patients every month, therefore the 5 patients listed in the above reference is a conservative model)

Cost of the TeslaMax - Program Options:

1. Trial Program:  $4500.00 deposit for a 60-day trial of the unit, a complimentary in-service is provided for physicians and staff, 100% of funds made during this time the practice keeps. At the end of the trial you may apply the $4500.00 towards the final purchase price of the machine. If you are not satisfied at the end of the trial, we refund your initial deposit, either way you get your money back!

2. Lone Ranger Program: Purchase the unit outright or on a lease for approx. $350-$450 per month dependent upon credit factors. Retail Price is $9,500.00. It is important to note that more funds are paid to the physicians through the dedicated take home program than in any other program, however this program does not come with marketing. (See Financial section for more information)

3. Joint Marketing Program: Your practice and the marketing director work very closely to create a customized marketing plan that uses internet marketing, social media, and direct mail campaigns that target the specific symptoms and maladies that will generate more patients to the practice. This also includes additional vertical add-ons such as patient financing, consulting services and nutraceutical supplements.  This program can be obtained for a monthly lease payment of between $950.00 – $1250.00 per month dependent upon credit factors.

Technical Specifications:

  • Main Unit – TeslaMax TM4  Neuromuscular Stimulator
  • 6 Non-disposable, reusable lead wires
  • 3 Packages of 4 Self-adhesive disposable electrodes
  • Power Source
  • Instruction booklet
  • Protocol booklet
  • Carrying case
  • Permanent, flexible carbon electrodes
  • Adhesive gel
  • Battery pack


  • Input Power…. Wall mounted transformer
  • Input Voltage… 15 to 18.0 VDC
  • Input Current  … 500ma
  • Pulse Type … Symmetrical Biphasic Pyramidal
  • Pulse Output voltage  … 0 to 440 V peak
  • Pulse Output current  … 0 to 4.4 Ma  average (1k ohm load)
  • Pulse Duration … 150 Us Nominal
  • Pulse Train ON time  1.5 sec. Time pluses applied to output
  • Pulse Train off time 1.8 seconds
  • Dimensions: 8×7.5×2.5
  • Weight: less than 4lbs

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