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Viscosupplementation Treatment Device

The viscosupplementation treatment device is extremely beneficial for people who have arthritis. This device helps in injecting a thick hyaluronic acid inside the joint, which is hurting. The thick hyaluronic acid injected via the device considerably reduces the pain associated with the joint. The swelling in the arthritic joint is also reduced. Our latest device helps physicians to help with your arthritis treatment when over-the-counter pain medications, as well as corticosteroid injections, fail.

Our amazing viscosupplementation treatment machine will be amazing for the assistant physician is to help eliminate the pain stiffness and the swelling associated with arthritis. Soon, the arthritic joint’s functional condition will improve, especially if the device is used in the knee region. The hyaluronic acid, which is elastic and highly viscous, is normally produced by the joint, and it constitutes the joint or synovial fluid. In a normal state, your knee is lubricated by hyaluronic acid, and the cartilage surfaces of the joint get protected by it from shocks. This is where the device will come in to replenish the depleted hyaluronic acid at the joints of patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The cartilage that was able to compression and other friction forces will benefit from this device, and the pain associated with it will get diminished.

Physicians generally use the viscosupplementation treatment equipment provided by us to treat people with moderate arthritis. The device is particularly groundbreaking in giving patients the time to take a decision on whether they want to go for invasive surgery. The device has a fine needle with which the procedure is carried out, and it is not at all painful. Therefore, the device is an amazing piece of equipment that helps patients with arthritis joints overcome their pain without any complicated surgery.

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