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ABI Testing Equipment

The ABI test stands for the Ankle Brachial Index test, and doctors and physicians generally carry out this test to understand our body’s blood flow level. This Ankle Brachial Index test machine rightly finds out the peripheral artery diseases, also known as PAD. The PAD is a condition in our body that usually gets caused due to one or more clogs or blockages in the arteries on the human body’s hands and legs. The blockages create problems in the body’s average blood flow level and slow it down, leading to lower oxygen transmission to the arms and legs. Peripheral artery diseases are severe and may also lead to heart blockages and heart attacks on some occasions.

The ABI test or Ankle Brachial Index test gets carried out through the ABI testing equipment. There are several devices for the ABI tests: Cuff Link systems, ABI-Q, a hand-held ABI testing device.


It is always safer to get an Ankle-brachial index test done to avoid the risks and prepare beforehand. Even if a person does not show any symptoms, it is still better to get the tests done to be sure.

Let us check some symptoms of PAD:

  • Lower amount of hair growth on the limbs.
  • Another vital symptom includes one of the legs having a colder sensation than the other.
  • A very faded out or pale blue outlook of the skin.
  • Scars or cuts on the hands or legs, taking time to heal naturally.

The ankle-brachial Index testing device finds out if a person has peripheral artery diseases and can get cured if gets adequately treated at the right time. ABI is nothing but a test that compares and shows the result of the blood pressure of our upper and lower limbs.

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