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D’OXYVA is a powerful, fully non-invasiveway to improve blood circulation

In order to have and maintain good health it is very important to have good blood circulation. Proper blood circulation helps in transferring nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Lack of good blood circulation, on the other hand, can result in diseases due to harmful foreign particles that can become entrapped in the tissue. Two of the most common diseases which come from poor blood circulation are heart conditions and diabetes. These dangerous and debilitating conditions are so prevalent that even if you do not have either, we are sure you know someone who does.

It goes without saying that improving blood circulation as a preventative measure makes a lot of sense. But how can you do that on an ongoing basis?

Enter D’OXYVA!

D’OXYVA® (Deoxyhemoglobin Vasodilator) is one of the most effective ways to restore and improve your blood circulation.D’OXYVA is a fully non-invasive, painless solution backed by infusion technology and microcirculation therapy and is clinically advocated for a large number of significant health and cosmetic benefits. Based on a number of clinical trials with advanced FDA-cleared diagnostics, D’OXYVA has been shown to boost athletic performance for people at any age and improve skin health, sleeping, appetite, mood and mental health. D’OXYVA has also been recorded to significantly reduce the risks of severe complications for cardiovascular, diabetic and cancer patients.

”Circularity has a novel, affordable treatment for patients. The D’OXYVA delivery system can be purchased by the patient and they have it in their homes for the rest of their lives. They can then treat pets and family members with a 7 minute treatment per day for about the same daily cost as a Starbucks coffee. The cumulative benefits of using D’OXYVA daily are immeasurable in so many health conditions.”, said Dr. Steve Pfiefer.

The last word

In controlled human clinical trials, D’OXYVA’s transdermal (over-the-skin) microcirculatory solution has demonstrated dramatic improvements in vital physiological processes. It significantly improves sustained oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow locally and throughout the body. Its patented method of fully non-invasive, painless, and harmless transdermal delivery is unique only to D’OXYVA.So, if you are looking to see some notable improvements in your macro-circulatory and microcirculatory blood flow, and improve your overall sense of well-being, D’OXYVA is the way to go.



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