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Concussion Testing Device

Our Concussion testing device can help physicians figure out if they are suffering or have suffered from a concussion. A concussion is a kind of head injury generally caused by a blow or jolt, or bump to the head. Our product is also safe for testing children at a higher risk of getting conversions as they are more active. Children are also at a higher risk because their brains are still developing, and any external trauma to the head has a high chance of giving the child a concussion.

 Our concussion testing machine is used to assess and determine the patient’s cognitive function whenever there is a suspected concussion. Our device is perfectly capable of assisting the physician in carrying out a neurocognitive test to determine the patient’s scores on a number of tests or tasks. The series of tests includes tasks determining visual as well as verbal memory. The task or determines the processing speed as well as the reaction time formation of the patient. With the help of the scores produced by our product, the medical professionals can evaluate whether the signs and symptoms point to a head injury.

The concussion testing equipment is groundbreaking and helps in deducing accurate scores that help determine the cognitive capabilities of patients suspected of having a concussion. Our products effectively measure the extent to which the head injury has occurred. Therefore whether a patient displays any symptoms of concussion-like slow reaction times, confusion, short-term memory issues, dizziness, nausea, impaired sense of balance, or disorientation, this device can be used on them to determine the extent of the brain injury. Patients who are both adults and children can easily benefit from this device as physicians will be able to quickly diagnose their condition accurately with the help of our product.

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