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Diagnostic & Treatment Therapies for Concussion and TBI’s

Brain mapping has been utilized for almost 30 years. The ability to map the neural corridors of the mind continues to teach us even to this day about the limits of the human brain, but as importantly it helps us understand neural pathways and impulses that are normal versus those that are abnormal. These imbalances […]

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Digital Radiography Advantages

Computerized radiography gives such a significant number of focal points over customary film that it’s easy to see why practices are making the transition to digital X-ray systems in waves. Moreover, your patients hope to discover present day innovation at your practice. When you go advanced you give first rate, master treatment to your patients […]

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Types of Surgery for Osteoarthritis

Once you’re diagnosed to have osteoarthritis, your doctor may instruct you to attempt way-of-life changes like exercise, weight reduction, non-intrusive treatment, or pain medication. Be that as it may, if these don’t work, he or she may suggest surgery. There are a few different surgeries you could have contingent upon where your damage is and […]

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TeslaMax For Treating Neuropathy

The TeslaMax is the world’s only programmable high-voltage, low-amperage AC output neuromuscular electric stimulator. A high voltage, low amperage signal is sent to the muscle causing an-extremely strong contraction. TeslaMax is used to treat various conditions like: peripheral neuropathy, acute, sub-acute and chronic pain, back pain, bursitis, carpal tunnel symptoms, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, tennis elbow, […]

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TeslaMax For Chiropractors

The TeslaMax is the world’s only Programmable High-Voltage, Low-Amperage AC Output therapeutic electrical stimulation devices that utilize Tesla Based Technology™ (TBT) output circuitry to achieve the deepest muscle contractions possible at the greatest possible comfort and tolerance for patients. TeslaMax Treat Various Conditions like: Back pain Peripheral Neuropathy Tendonitis Tennis elbow Acute, Sub-Acute and Chronic […]

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Benefits of Mini vs Full sized C arm machines

Choosing a C-arm is all about matching the tool to the task, the modern mini C-arm has evolved to become an invaluable imaging tool that simplifies diagnosis and treatments in many hand surgery departments worldwide. Mini C-arms are a pretty important piece of medical imaging equipment. Mini C-arms are used for a variety of diagnostic […]

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