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My name is Christine Loya. I am the General Manager for My Clinic in Red Oak, Texas. On the first day, we acquired the Critical Care Assessment System, we tested a patient who presented symptoms of mild chest pain. We administered the ANS Test on the patient and test results raised concern. This patient test showed possible reduced left ventricular ejection fraction or atherosclerosis with possible causes as hypertension, obesity or diabetics. We became concerned and immediately referred the patient to a cardiologist. The cardiologist did a complete exam, running tests and labs. The results came back positive for reduced left ventricular ejection fraction. In a 20 minute test, we were able to identify a potential serious problem and save this patients life.

We strongly recommend incorporating the Critical Care Assessment System into your practice. The results have been astounding and it has helped us to administer better care to our patients and find underlying problems that a basic check up would have otherwise missed.

                                                                                                                                                                     Christine LoyaMy clinic

In late 2011 I began testing my patients with a new medical device I acquired called Critical Care Assessment System. It has become a very useful tool in my practice to administer better care to my patients. The program gives me in-depth information about the overall health of my patients and help catch serious complications before it’s too late.

I receive positive feedback from my patients and they are glad its relatively easy and doesn’t take too long. I like that the results are comprehensive, and straightforward. Reimbursement have ranged from $250 to $400 per patient. I recommend you incorporate the Critical Care Assessment System into your practice to see how it helps you as much as it has helped me.

                                                                   Dr Robert Abbate. D.O.Internal Medicine7447 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 190 Irving, TX 75063

The staff at All Care is really flexible and easy to work with. When I asked for a physicians at 5:25pm, they got a service contract out, credited, and staffed me with one in less than 7 minutes. They understand the sense of urgency required when a practice needs a doctor.

                                                                                                                                                         Dr. B.D.C., ChiropractorMiami, FL

I have never in my career seen the concept of a one-stop-shop. We had a doctor with a licensure problem and the staff at All Care found one immediately. They offer an all encompassing service and never ask to spend your money.

Dr. C.M.D., Family MedicineMarietta, GA

I have been working with the recruitment specialists at All Care since the opening of my office. All Care maintains a level of professionalism and reliability I have not seen in Florida before. They always find a doctor that meets my standards at the time that I need them the most as well as supply the documentation I need.

Dr. E.M.D., PhysiatristPompano Beach, FL

 The team at All Care Consultants is amazing!  When requiring placement of a health care professional, consulting, or advice on office enhancement, I turn only to the All Care Consultant professionals for assistance.  They have never let me down and I recommend them highly.  Take the stress of placement and consulting off your shoulders and give it to the professionals who handle your office as if it is theirs.  They have always surpassed my expectations.
Dr. F.D.C., ChiropractorOcala, FL
I found the staff to be very helpful and resourceful in finding me locums or temporary practice opportunities in Pain Management, as well as steering me to a permanent job opportunity in my area.
Dr. G.M.D., AnesthesiologyPembroke Pines, FL

I love talking to people who love and understand the industry. Their recruitment coordinator really listens to what I need and I never worry about getting paid.

Dr. K.D.C., ChiropractorFort Lauderdale, FL

Their diligence and persistence is remarkable. Our practice was stuck in a rut, unable to run due to our one and only doctor making an unexpected hospital trip. In less than 24 hours the All Care team managed to have not just one, but multiple physicians lined up to cover at our office. They go above and beyond the call of duty; treating your practice as if it were their own.

Dr. L.M.D., Family PracticeTampa, FL

I have been working with All Care for over 10 years. When you go with All Care, it’s like having a concierge at your beck and call. Since the beginning of my practice to retirement, their commitment to growth is unbelievable. They have been involved in every aspect of handling my practice.

Dr. M.M.D., Orthopedic SurgeonHollywood, FL

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